Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Woman's Intelligence

A woman's intelligence is sexy to both women and men, I believe. Guys even speak of how bored they are! Stupidity might work for awhile, though it looks inferior, fake and unattractive.  

Unfortunately, I hear many women uttering these three words all too much: I am stupid.

I used to say this too, so I get it. I love all of the women and even men who have called me out on it and thank you! This talk undermined my own sense and completely skewed my perception of who I was!

Today I understand that to speak this way about myself means that I am wasting an opportunity to be myself. I am being less than what is true on the inside of my soul. It worked for a short while, but oh how I got sick of not being my full, authentic self! I now know that it derived from a place of fear of not being accepted or 'liked'...sometimes even loved. I made poor choices and was Fake.

Anytime I choose to pretend to be someone other than who I truly am authentically, I am choosing stupidity: lacking intelligence, common sense and/or good judgment. I am also not allowing people around me to truly know who I am. That is no longer a direction I am choosing to follow, for in the past it dimmed my light and my life. It also created distress in the people around me, and for good reason.

Over 43 million hits! Hopefully we women can start sharing our 'stupid girl' experiences with younger girl generations so this cycle doesn't continue. Silence keeps them in the not-knowing. When we know better, we do better.

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Thanks and have a fabulous day!

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