Thursday, December 19, 2013

Co-Creating Our Lives With God

When you can imagine the most, the greatest and even the best that you can be, just know as you’re imagining that…YOU’RE MORE THAN THAT EVEN! When we are only dealing with our own imaginations, everything is limited. Inside of co-creating with God, there is so much more!

This happened…so that this can happen…so this- that ultimately had to happen- happens.

All my life I’ve been curious and driven. It’s as if I’ve been on a love quest to inspire other people and myself. It's where I find my own personal bliss. Have I had dark moments? Yes. Though my understanding is that there is more at work as to why I am the way I am, and why I’ve gone through what I have gone through. I chose to and had to.

I believe everyone has purpose, or a calling if you will. We are all on the same journey of life: learning, teaching, growing and creating...together. I also believe we are co-creating our lives with God, building our own character and love with Him and others. I do the action of throwing the paint on my life's canvas and smudging it with my energy.

God doesn’t force me…He renews and inspires through a small whisper in my spirit, through miracles or beauty that I see, through awakenings and possibility. This encourages me to start with a fresh canvas when I get off track with the messiness, or just to add to what has already been created-to simply just keep going! Then again, sometimes there is too much dried up paint crusted around the container or on my brush and I've got to do the work and clean it up before moving forward. I dislike very much when this happens, though it's part of the process.

Do you also believe you are co-creating your life with a God of your understanding? Why or why not? Do you feel any inspiring encouragement to move in a certain direction in your own life? Where do you find your own personal bliss?

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