Thursday, December 26, 2013

Doing The Work...Nobody Does It For Me

I've heard it been said time and time again: Where there is a will, there is a way. Well, if there is passion in alignment with out!

In any given moment that I am struggling to see a goal through, I realize that I am simply lacking passion and resourcefulness. Me, nobody else. I own the thoughts that are usually down in the swampy gutter. Though if I can interrupt my negative thoughts and stir up enough passion and drive within myself, I can find my way through any obstacle!

Resources such as the internet, money, people that are smarter than me, books or education, and even my own faith all help lift me up to my dreams and aspirations only when I am being resourceful and utilizing them. If I stay stagnant and unwilling to do the work, then forget about it! I've got to do the work to get the reward. Whether this reward looks like a healthy relationship, new career, dream house, fancy car, money in my bank account, doing something I fear but know it will benefit my life in some way...or even through my own soundness of mind-it really doesn't matter. I must do the work...nobody else does it for me.

Is your passion in alignment with your resourcefulness? Who do you want to aspire to be or what do you desire to have in your life? Are you doing the work?

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Thanks and have a fabulous day!

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